Faculty of Economic and Bussines, UIN Jakarta
Jakarta based Artist.
Studio artist at PPPOOOLLL Studio Gudang Sarinah Hall A3.
Work at RURUCorps (RuangRupa)


Painting with watercolor is playing with them.

Watercolors are not 100 percent able to be under the control of the painter, but if they try to unite and work together it will be harmonious with each other between the painter and the medium.
For me, understanding the medium is as important as making a concept before making a work. Whatever medium is used.
Between the painter and the medium used must understand each other and fill. Because for me there is no chance for correction if it is mixing watercolors.

My principles in working

1. Have a concept
2. Thick with localization
3.Having a distinctive and consistent mark
(be it a pattern or a line)
4. Has its own color.


  • @jayujuliproject


Project and Exhibition


- SPRINT Project with KlubKarya (Jakarta Art Community), Jakarta, Indonesia

- Exhibition Group AlltheSmallThings 2, Cubicle Center, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Parahyangan Art and Design Exhibition “PARADOX.2018”, Lawang Wangi Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia


- Comission work for RIMOWA Suitcase, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Poster Exhibition “AnNAIFersary Tujuh Bidadari” Teater Garuda TMII, Jakarta, Indonesia

- FASAD Project, StudStud Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta, Indonesia


- ICW x Ruangrupa sticker project “Aksi Anti Korupsi”, Kota Tua, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Me-Reklame-Kan PeLem, APA Space, Jakarta, Indonesia


- Jakarta Biennale’s Roadshow Art on the Spot, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Exhibition “Rendering Regime” PAMERAN BESAR SENI LUKIS JAKARTA, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, Indonesia

- Group Exhibition “Smile is the Answer” LocalFestID 4.0 , Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Postcard Exhibition “Konser WSATCC di Cikini”, Gedung Graha Bakti Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Group Exhibition “Time After Time” Rumah Sakit Band Project, Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia

- Group Exhibition “Urban Allienation”, WAGA Gallery Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Group Exhibition “#LEVELUP” Kopi Keliling Anniversary, Catalyst Art Gallery Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia

- SPATIAL HISTORY; Irwan Ahmett Project, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Indonesia


- Artwork project ‘19 Tahun NAIF’ with RuangRupa, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Woman Artist Indonesia Australia, Tribute to Dara Puspita Project, Jakarta, Indonesia

- ARTE Indonesian Arts Festival Exhibition 2014, the JCC – Jakarta, Indonesia


- Exhibition ‘With Survivor’ - Bipolar Crisis Center Indonesia, Indonesia Menggugat Building, Bandung, Indonesia

- ARKIPEL Project, Forum Lenteng, Jakarta, Indonesia


- Exhibition and workshop project “The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar” Art Space - Art Gallery Kunstkring Nooderlicht in Jakarta, Indonesia

- Exhibition “Jakarta 32, 2012” National Gallery of Indonesia

- Akumassa Project “Depok”, Forum Lenteng, Jakarta, Indonesia


- “Dailyshoot” Forum Lenteng, OK Video Festival 2011, National Gallery of Indonesia

- Experimental video project with the Community Screening Suburbia (Forum Lenteng), Depok, indonesia


- Exhibition “Jakarta 32, 2010” at the National Gallery of Indonesia

- Video Experimental Project, Forum Lenteng, Jakarta, Indonesia

- Akumassa Project, Komunitas Djuanda Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia